What Is Paintless Dent Removal (PDR)?

Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) for cars is a process of easing dented metal panels back to their original form and condition, so that the vehicle retains its original factory finish.

How does it work?

Working from behind the panel, our technicians use specially designed tools to massage the metal back to its original shape. PDR is quick and can be carried out on your premises.

Why use PDR and not a traditional panelbeater?

PDR is paintless, simple and efficient. Save on time and money with on the spot repair at less than half the cost. We don’t respray the duco. We don’t use paint or filler, nor do we charge an arm and a leg.

PDR is used by ALL the leading insurers and car manufacturers in Australia as their preferred method of minor dent removal and hail damage repair.

PDR ensures no risk, no loss of value. NOTE: PDR only works when the paintwork is undamaged – no chips or cracks or flaking.

Why use Dent Masters?

  • We’ve been doing PDR since 1993. 
  • We’ve restored hundreds of thousands of cars, and warranty claims are extremely rare.
  • Dent Masters’ technicians are fully trained, experienced, and precision-equipped for even the finest dent repairs. Where required (NSW & WA), our technicians are licenced by the appropriate government authority.
  • Our mobile service comes to you, so you can get on with what you need to do, and you don’t lose your car for days.

How do I know PDR will work for my vehicle?

If the damage is minor, like a carpark dent, then the chances are we can repair it. Just to be sure, we ask you to photograph the damage and upload it (see the service form below). Once we have assessed the damage, we will let you know immediately if PDR is right for you.

PDR will NOT work for:

Collision damage, sharp indentations, cracked or chipped paintwork, bumper bar repairs. See below.